Allah is corrupting his own words

We hear this ongoing mantra from muslims accusing the bible of being corrupted. This is a big thing for muslims, since they can’t find any proofs about Muhammad being mentioned as a prophet in the bible. Which the quran claims. Conclusion – the bible must have been corrupted.

The muslims have had 1400 years to prove their point, but I guess they need a little bit more time to nail it. A hint – if the muslims accuse you of something, you can be sure they are guilty of their own accusation.

No one can change Allah’s words

And recite what had been revealed to you from the book of your lord; no one can change his words, and you will not find a refuge other than him. Sura 18:27

According to the quran, no one can change Allah’s words. ‘No one’ should include Allah by the way, since his words are eternal. But what we are about to find in sura 2:106 is telling us the exact opposite!

 Allah himself corrupts his own words

Whatever verse we abrogate, or cause it to be forgotten, we bring a better verse than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has might over all things? Sura 2:106

We can learn the following from this verse:

1. Allah is changing his words

Have you ever noticed that all this religion is doing, is changing labels for sinful behaviors? Prostitution is called Mutah, lying about islam to make it look better is called taqiyya, sex-slaves are called ‘bounty from allah’. The list is long.

Allah corrupting his own word also has a name – it is called abrogation. Despite the fancy name, it simply means that Allah changes his word. The real explanation behind this, is that Muhammad had to come up with this concept, since people started to see all of his god’s contradictions.

2. Allah causes his word to be forgotten

What kind of stupid god causes you to forget what he just told you? What is his meaning of saying it in the first place?! Remember that Allah is the one actively causing you to forget what he told you. Allah is erasing your hard drive. This is evidence enough, that allah can not be the one true God.

3. Allah brings something better. Or like it

Allah – the all knowing and wise god, is improving his own skills in communication. He does this by bringing you something better! Wow. Why was not Allah’s word good enough to start with, one wonder…

As if this is not definite proof that islam is retarded, Allah sometimes decides to brings a verse like it! Think about this for a second. It would be like I built you a house. Then I decide to tear it down. And after that, I built you a new one just like it!

This proves to us that…

Islam is false. Allah is a fabricated god made up by a false prophet.

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