Allah turned jews into swine and monkeys

The quran teaches us that allah turned some jews into swines and monkeys. Why? Because they were fishing on the sabbath! Not killing, stealing or raping. But fishing! Fishing seems to be a serious crime in the eyes of allah…

And indeed, you know those of you who transgressed in the Sabt;  so we said to them, “Become despised monkeys.” 66 So we made that an example to what is between her hands [1] and what is behind her [2] and a sermon to the fearers. Sura 2:65,66

[1] Now—the present
[2] The following generations

Say, “Will I inform you of evil than that as punishment from Allah?” They whom Allah has cursed and on whom he has poured forth his wrath, some of them he changed into monkeys and swine; and they who worship the idolatry, those are in an evil place and have gone astray from the right way. Sura 5:60

Islam is false. Allah is a fabricated god made up by a false prophet.

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