Allah wants polytheists

One of the greatest sins that one can commit according to Islam, is “to make partners with allah”, Simply put – don’t worship any other being besides allah. Well, it turns out that good ‘ol allah himself made his own angels to commit this sin. Let’s have a look at how the story goes in the quran, shall we?

And when we said to the angels, “Osjodo to Adam,” so they all worshiped except Iblis. [1] He refused and became proud, and he was among the infidels. Sura 2:34

All of heaven commits shirk

Let me give you the scenario. Both allah, the angels, Adam and iblis (satan) are in heaven at this point. One big happy family. Allah just created mankind by creating Adam, and for some reason, allah simply decided to order all angels to prostrate and worship Adam. Maybe allah had a rough day, who knows?

All the angels responds to the decree, and starts worshipping Adam. But wait a minute… There is something seriously wrong with this picture! Doesn’t allah hate polytheism? In fact, doesn’t allah’s eternal word in the quran condemn polytheism? [2] Shouldn’t a true muslim kill the polytheist wherever he finds him? [3] Then, why does allah go against his own eternal word that can not be changed? [4]

Iblis takes the heat for doing the right thing

Now comes the funny part. Imagine all the angels committing the unpardonable sin. All of them without exception. Thousands upon thousands bow down and worship Adam. The only one in heaven that don’t worship is…iblis. And why should he? After all – allah did specifically ask the angels to worship, right? Iblis on the other hand is a jinn. And still, he is the one allah decides to punish! So here you have it. Allah demands iblis to obey an order addressed to someone else, and on top of that, allah actually punish iblis for doing the right thing!

So next time you muslims want to kill or persecute a polytheist, maybe you should just kill all of allah’s angels first? That should include jibreel, by the way.

Islam is false. Allah is a fabricated god made up by a false prophet.

[1] Osjodo = worship, non-Arabic word of Aramaic origin
[2] Sura 4:48
[3] Sura 9:5
[4] Surah 6:115, 18:27

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