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Allah prays on Muhammad

Today, we are going to investigate a verse in the quran that proves to us that allah is a fabricated god made up by Muhammad. In order to cover up the true meaning of...

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The super sheep in islam

Did you know that there is a holy sheep of islam? A sheep ate a large portion of the quran. It was narrated that ‘Aishah said: “The Verse of stoning and of breastfeeding an...

Allah is a leg 0

Allah is a leg

Muslims have a hard time with the incarnation of God (Jesus became a man). But few muslims know that they worship a leg![1] [1] al-Buhari (Book #93, Hadith #532s)

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Incest is ok in islam

Incest is ok according to muslim scholars. You can have sex with your own daughter, as long as you did not marry her mother. … Abdul Malik Ibn Al-Maj-shun said such a marriage (between...

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Allah sent the bible but it got corrupted

When Muslims go around telling christians that ‘the bible got corrupted’, they are testifying their lack of basic knowledge in their own religion (islam). And still, they want to teach christians about their book! See the level...