Kaaba used as toilet – allah did nothing

The black stone desecrated and stolen

For 40 years, the kaaba, which is being kissed by millions of Muslims, were once used as urinal by a Muslim called Bin Hassan Al Qurmuti. In the year 930 A,D. the Leader of the Qarmatians, Abu Taher Bin Hassan Al-Qurmuti, Led 700 Horsemen into Mecca, massacred the pilgrims, uncovered the kaaba, and urinated on it, took the black stone and went over the top of the kaaba and said:

‘I am in God and God is in Me. Where is your God? I am your great God. Where are the birds of God (Tayr al ababeel) that protect the kaaba? where are the stones of fire (Hijara min sejeel)?’

The bodies of the pilgrims were left to rot in the streets or thrown down the Well of Zamzam. Their victims allegedly numbered around some thirty thousand. The Kaaba was looted, with Abū-Tāhir taking personal possession of the Black Stone and bringing it back to Al-Hasa.

Quran proved false – allah did not protect the kaaba

How can 700 horsemen slay over thirty thousand people? Because the pilgrims were convinced (and prayed instead of defending themselves) that Allah would intervene. Allah had promised to protect the kaaba in the quran.

Have you not seen what your lord did with the companions of the fīl? [1] Did he not make their schemes to go astray? And he sent birds in ababil [2] on them. They cast rocks made of baked clay on them, so he made them as devoured straw. Sura 105:1-5

Instead Allah did nothing. Sorry, guys, no angry birds from Allah this time. Just angry people urinating on Allah’s holy stone. Conclusion: Allah is a fabricated god made up by a false prophet.

[1] elephant, non-Arabic word of Middle Persian or Aramaic origin
[2] flocks, non-Arabic word, possibly of Persian origin

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