Muhammad offered prayers for money

In the qur’an, the supposedly god allah tells Mohammad that it is okay for him to accept money in exchange for prayers. Does this sound like a certain prophet wanted some extra cashflow from his followers? Nah, it must me that the eternal creator granted his spokesperson a pay-for-pray model! Let us take a look at the sura.

Take from their money alms, that it will purify them and sanctify them by it, and pray over them for surely your prayers are a relief to them. And Allah is hearing, knowing. Sura 9:103

From this verse, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Muhammad was allowed by allah to receive money. In exchange for this he offered them prayers. It’s a win-win folks!

2. The money given to Muhammad would purify and sanctify people. That tells us that allah uses money to sanctify his followers. Want to get really close to your god? Pay up.

3. Muslims could buy the prayers of Muhammad. The prayers of the prophet was just like any other commodity.

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