Muhammad the tomb raider

Ever heard of Mohammad the tomb raider? Muhammad had an old grudge with a guy named Abdullah bin Ubai. Muhammad tried two times to get him killed. After this, Abdullah suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. There is no explanation by Islamic sources. That tends to happen to several people that have a grudge with Muhammad. After the death of his opponent, Muhammad was so filled with hate and anger, that he dug out the corpse and spat on the dead body of Abdullah bin Ubai.

Allah’s Apostle came to Abdullah bin Ubai (a hypocrite) after his death and he has been laid in his pit (grave). He ordered (that he be taken out of the grave) and he was taken out. Then he placed him on his knees and threw some of his saliva on him and clothed him in his (the Prophet’s) own shirt. ALLAH KNOWS BETTER (WHY HE DID SO). Abdullah bin Ubai had given his shirt to Al-Abbas to wear. Abu Harun said, “Allah’s Apostle at that time had two shirts and the son of Abdullah bin Ubai said to him, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! Clothe my father in your shirt which has been in contact with your skin.’ ‘Sufyan added, “Thus people think that the Prophet clothed Abdullah bin Ubai in his shirt in lieu of what he (Abdullah) had done (for Al Abbas, the Prophet’s uncle.)” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 2:23:433)

The evil intent of Muhammad toward Abdullah bin Ubayi does not just end with his spitting on Abdullah’s dead body. It continues! To get a grasp of the level of vengeance that filled the mind of Allah’s beloved prophet can easily be evaluated from the following hadith. Don’t forget to hold your breath as you read this inhuman act of Muhammad.

Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) came to the grave of ‘Abdullah b. Ubayy, brought him out from that, placed him on his knee and PUT HIS SALIVA IN HIS MOUTH and shrouded him in his own shirt and Allah knows best. (Sahih Muslim 38:6678)


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