Should muslims kill for Allah?

Some people have a hard time connecting the dots when it comes to islam. Are we talking about a religion of peace, or are we not? Are muslims commanded to make jihad, and even kill for the cause of allah? Are some muslims simply “extremists” who “hijackes” islam? If you really want to get the truth, you have some hurdles to pass.

1. Muslims are commanded to lie to you

First off, you probably won’t get the truth from your muslim neighbor, since they are commanded by islam to lie and decieve you for the sake of forwarding the cause of allah. It’s called “practicing taqiyya”.

A common example – a muslim quotes you a part of a verse from the quran, like Sura 5:32:

…he who kills a soul, without a soul, or vandalizes on the earth, so it will be only as though he had killed all the people; and that he who gives it a life, it will be as though he had given life to all the people.
Sura 5:32

…but “forgets” to give you the whole verse from the beginning.

For this reason, we inscribed for the children of Israel that he who kills a soul, without a soul, or vandalizes on the earth, so it will be only as though he had killed all the people; and that he who gives it a life, it will be as though he had given life to all the people.
Sura 5:32

See the lie? It doesn’t apply to muslims at all. It is only inscribed for the children of Israel. But it sure got most of us fooled.

2. Don’t be fooled by the media

What about the media then? Well, they are too afraid and/or ignorant of what islam really is about. So, no – you won’t get the truth about islam from them either. Most of them haven’t read the quran themselves. The urge to be politically correct is so strong, that you sacrifice your own people for the sake of political correctness. They all bow down to islam the very moment someone says the magic word “islamophobe”.

3. Go by the muslim’s authoritative texts

I have a really whacked suggestion – hear me out. What about actually reading the muslim authoritative text, and find out for yourself?! I know – crazy, right? Read on, my friend. Receive the revelation from our beloved prophet of peace!

When your lord revealed to the angels: “I am with you, so make firm those who believed. I will cast a terror into the hearts of those who became infidels. So strike above their necks (decapitation), and strike off (chop off) every finger from them.” 13 This is because they have opposed Allah and his messenger, and whoever opposes Allah and his messenger, so surely Allah is severe in the punishment. Sura 8:12-13

And engage in war with them until there will not be sedition and the religion  will be completely to Allah. So, if they cease, so surely Allah sees what they do. Sura 8:39

O you prophet, provoke the believers to engage in war. Sura 8:65

So when the forbidden months are passed, so kill the polytheists wherever you find them, and take them [as captives] and besiege them and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush; so if they repent and perform the prayer and bring the legal alms, so leave their way free. Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful. Sura 9:5

Engage in war with them. Allah will torment them by your hands and put them to shame and give you victory over them and heal chests of a believing people. Sura 9:14

Engage in war with those who do not believe in Allah nor in the last day. Nor forbid what Allah and his messenger forbid, nor believe in the religion of the truth among those who have been given the book until they pay the jizya out of hand and they are subdued. Sura 9:29

Want more verses? I think you get the picture. Every muslim are commanded to wage war and kill non-muslims until judgement day. Very simple. Still hard to “interpret” the quran?!

4. Know your history

Think about it. How has islam spread the last 1400 years? Want a history lesson? No problem. Here goes…

5. Understand the concept of abrogation

Whenever you find verses in the quran that contradict each other (and they are many), you go by the one written last. It’s called abrogation. All muslim scholar agree upon this. Chapter nine is universally agreed upon to be the last chapter revealed to Muhammad. It contains the final marching orders of islam, and abrogates more than 100 other verses in the quran. Want the take away message? Kill all non-muslims! Now, that wasn’t so hard to understand, was it?

Islam is false. Allah is a fabricated god made up by a false prophet.

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