Predestination or free will in islam?

Can there be such a thing as “free will” in Islam, or is everything predestined? Let us begin by look at the character of Allah. Bear in mind that these presumptions are all orthodox Muslim dogma.

The character of Allah

1. Allah is omniscient
2. Nothing happens except by Allah’s will
3. Allah Himself has free will
4. Allah cannot make a mistake

Let us continue by looking at some scriptures in this funny religion.

Everything is predestined by Allah

…Allah sends His angel to it with instructions concerning four things, so the angel writes down his livelihood, his death, his deeds, his fortune and misfortune. By Him, besides Whom there is no god, that one amongst you acts like the people deserving Paradise until between him and Paradise there remains but the distance of a cubit, when suddenly the writing of destiny overcomes him and he begins to act like the denizens of Hell and thus enters Hell, and another one acts in the way of the denizens of Hell, until there remains between him and Hell a distance of a cubit that the writing of destiny overcomes him and then he begins to act like the people of Paradise and enters Paradise.  (Muslim Book #033, Hadith #6390)

According to this verse, Allah sends an angel with our destiny. All has been decided upon by Allah. Trying to be good, or what you do with your life is meaningless. It will not affect the outcome. It does not matter what you do, or what you choose to do. Since your whole life is decided upon by Allah, there can be no free will.

Allah does not want everyone to believe

If it had been thy Lord’s will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand. Sura 10:99

We learn from this verse, that we all would have believed if it was Allah’s will. Instead we see that Allah is the one placing doubt on those who do not understand.

Allah wants to send some people to hell

He whom Allah leadeth, he indeed is led aright, while he whom Allah sendeth astray – they indeed are losers. Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind .. Sura 7:178-179

And if We had so willed, We could have given every soul its guidance, but the word from Me concerning evildoers took effect: that I will fill hell with the jinn and mankind together. Sura 32:13

Again, the eternal destiny of our souls are decided solely upon by the will of Allah. Your behavior has nothing to do with it.

Allah leads people astray and deceives people

A day when ye will turn to flee, having no preserver from Allah: and he whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide. And verily Joseph brought you of old clear proofs, yet ye ceased not to be in doubt concerning what he brought you till, when he died, ye said: Allah will not send any messenger after him. Thus Allah deceiveth him who is a prodigal, a doubter. Sura 40:33-34 Pickthall

Thus Allah leads astray WHOM HE WILLS and guides whom He wills. And none can know the hosts of your Lord but He. And this (Hell) is nothing else than a (warning) reminder to mankind.” Sura 74:31 Hilali-Khan

If Allah decides to lead someone aststray, there is no guide for him.


According to Islamic beliefs, we conclude that:

  1. Life on earth is not a test for salvation. For what is there to test if the results are known ahead of time and there is nothing we can do to change them?
  2. Qiyamah, the Islamic Day of Judgment, is a farce. For we are not being judged based on our behaviors, but on Allah’s previous decision.
  3. People are not led to Islam because it is superior message or religion, but because Allah decided that they would become Muslims whether they wanted to or not.
  4. Since the vast majority of human beings who have ever lived, and who are living today are not Muslim, Allah must have created the vast majority of human beings for the express purpose of condemning them to Jahannam. Therefore the primary purpose of creation must be hell and suffering, not paradise and salvation.


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